Innovation Explorer Micro-Credential

What is the Innovation Explorer Micro-Credential?

The iCenter offers an Innovation Explorer Micro-Credential training for community members to expose learners to Design for Delight, Intuit's flavor of design thinking, an approach to innovating solutions that people love to complex human-centered problems.

During this 2 hour online training, learners will be immersed in Design Thinking and learn by doing. They will learn how to understand their customers by gaining Deep Customer Empathy, ideate by Going Broad to Go Narrow, and receive feedback on a prototype from customers through Rapid Experimentation.

Why take the Innovation Explorer Micro-Credential?

Amplify Creativity in Your Work

Accelerate Problem-Solving

Stay Agile and Adaptive

Community Innovation Explorer (IE) Training

2 hours



•Credential, learn, and practice the fundamentals of Design for Delight (D4D)
•Designed for: Community members, alumni, and business leaders who want to gain practical skills and reshape their approach to problem-solving
•Participate in convenient, asynchronous, online sessions
•Earn a prestigious micro-credential certification
•Showcase your expertise with a LinkedIn-shareable badge.

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