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The incubator program, including both the Brad D. Smith Student Incubator and Podcasters in Residence, immerses students as well community members in entrepreneurship and innovation. Students in the Brad D. Smith Student Incubator are able to test, adapt, and validate their business ideas in the market. Those in the Podcasters in Residence program are provided with the neccessary equipment to start their own podcasts, as well as mentorship along the way.

Picture of Marshall University faculty using design thinking at the iCenter's design thinking workshop.

The MUIC program is a community of Marshall faculty, staff, administrators, and students who are trained in Design for Delight (D4D) and use it to catalyze student-centered innovations collaboratively across the campus and within Marshall’s academic colleges, administrative departments, and student organizations. The MUIC program also trains university and departmental leadership on how to strategically set clear priorities where student-centered innovation is needed the most, to create a culture where everyone innovates for the student, and to measure success with in-market evidence. These trainings empower the entire University to rapidly devise, experiment,and implement innovative initiatives that quickly and delightfully solve the most pressing challenges that Marshall students face inside and outside of the classroom.

Two high school students in the SWEEP (Simulated Workplace Entrepreneurship Education Pathway) Program building a prototype while learning design thinking.

The iCenter offers an Innovation Explorer Micro-Credential training for community members to expose learners to Design for Delight, Intuit's flavor of design thinking.