National Entrepreneurship Week 2021

National Entrepreneurship Week is a non-partisan, congressionally chartered initiative founded in 2006 that takes place the third week of February annually.

The iCenter Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs), Brandon Dennsion and Collin Meadows both hosted National Entrepreneurship Week webinars. Due to inclement weather and widespread power outages, our area experienced, we postponed our National Entrepreneurship week events until the second week of March. Check out the event recaps below. 


Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneur Brandon Dennison shared his perspective on why social entrepreneurship is such an important strategy for the advancement of the Appalachian region. Based on his experiences over the past decade founding and growing Coalfield Development (based in Wayne, WV), Brandon led a discussion on what social entrepreneurship is, why it’s particularly important in Appalachia, and some of the big challenges and opportunities that come along with it. There was plenty of time for Q and A. Dennison’s work as a social entrepreneur has been recognized by national and international social entrepreneurship organizations including Ashoka, World Bank, and DRK. In 2019, he was awarded the prestigious Heinz Award for Employment and Economy. 


App in an Hour

Have an app idea, but don't know how to build it? Collin Meadows, Founding Member of Tech304, helped participants create their own app using Figma, a web-based design program with design and code-generating tools. Collin walked participants through the virtual prototyping software and showed its tips and tricks to create a prototype in real time.