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brandon-dennison Brandon Dennison
Brandon Dennison
Specializes in Social Entreprises
About Brandon

Brandon, a lifelong West Virginian, is the founder and CEO of Coalfield Development. Coalfield Development has helped generate over 50 new social enterprises and trained over 1,200 people facing barriers to employment.

What are social enterprises?

Organizations that address a basic unmet need or solve a social or environmental problem through a market-driven approach.

How can Brandon help you?

“I am excited to work with students and faculty to explore social entrepreneurship, which I view as a key strategy to rebuilding the Appalachian economy and advancing a more just community."

Collin_Meadows Collin_Meadows_Mobile
Collin Meadows
Specializes in technology (web and mobile app development)
About Collin

Collin is a Marshall University graduate with degrees in computer science and applied mathematics. He is a founding member of Tech304, a West Virginia-based technology development firm with a hyper focus on stimulating the local economies and communities.

How can Collin help you?

"I have been focused on bringing advanced technical initiatives to West Virginia my entire career. As a startup junky, I am regularly considering new approaches and processes within products and services. I regularly attend events or see services in other areas, and think about the ways that we can leverage their experiences and apply them here. I am looking forward to leveraging my skills and experience within the technical startup space, to help stimulate and advance the expanding West Virginia economy by mentoring, advising, and guiding students, faculty, and community members."

david wiley 15582387690_e8e8e04f75_o
David Wiley
Specializes in social entrepreneurship & educational technology
About David

Having successful careers as both an academic and an entrepreneur, David is the chief academic officer and co-founder of Lumen Learning. He is a Marshall University alum (BFA, Music, class of 1997) and recipient of both the Marshall University Distinguished Alumni Award and the John Deaver Drinko Outstanding Achievement Award.

How can David help you?

David will offer his expertise in the areas of social entrepreneurship and educational technology through coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, educational workshops, and co-teaching classes, as well as through assistance with the development of certificate programs.

“I’m incredibly excited by the opportunity to work with the iCenter to help unlock the transformative power of entrepreneurship for Marshall students, faculty, staff, and others who live in the region," Wiley said.