iCenter Coaching Request

The iCenter staff conducts one-on-one coaching sessions with aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. Coaching sessions can focus on innovation (problem identification, customer discovery, etc), business model development, and/or running a business (marketing, for example). We are also able to help you innovate a pivot off of your current business model to respond to crisis or changing industry trends. 

While the iCenter is able to offer some coaching pro bono, other sessions will require a fee. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis. Someone from the iCenter will contact you as soon as possible following your request to discuss more details and pricing. 

Stage of Business
If you are thinking of starting a business, do you already have a business concept in mind?
If you already have a business concept in mind, how certain are you that the business concept will succeed?
In which area(s) would you like assistance? Please select all that apply.
If you are in need of business services (e.g. marketing), would you be interested in students working on your project as part of an in-class assignment? (Free)

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