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Learn More About Brad Smith

Since graduating from Marshall University in 1986, Brad D. Smith has been an ally to the school and the West Virginia community at large. Following his obtainment of a Master’s Degree from Aquinas College, Brad went on to have a prominent business career, holding leadership positions at ADVO, Inc. and ADP before spending nineteen years at Intuit, Inc. where he acted as President and CEO for many years before being promoted to Executive Chairman.

Brad always knew he would one day return home to West Virginia. In 2019, he co-founded the Wing 2 Wing Foundation alongside his wife Alys as a means of uplifting the people of Appalachia. Brad's commitment to West Virginia was further solidified when, in 2021, he was selected as Marshall University’s 38th President.

Brad has continually shown his support for Marshall over the years. Brad and Alys established a scholarship fund at MU and, in 2018, made a $25 million dollar gift to the Lewis College of Business, since renamed to reciprocate the Smiths’ generosity.

Learn more about Brad by visiting his website or by following him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To learn more about his philanthropic work in West Virginia, visit https://wing2wingfoundation.org/.