Implement Tech Into Your Business, Or Get  Left Behind


In the modern world, technology is a necessity for all businesses. It is not enough to just have a website that offers your products or services anymore. You need to offer digital transformation solutions and modern technology functionalities such as online stores, ecommerce platforms, chatbots and more in order to stay competitive against emerging startups. Older companies are being left behind because they refuse to change with the times while startup companies are innovating new technologies and modernizing their business practices. This blog post will discuss how companies can compete in this modern digital age and what tools are available to succeed.


In a recent poll, 68% of small business owners said that they have not yet modernized their digital presence. The most common reasons for why were: time constraints (32%), lack of money to invest in the right technology and consultants (17%) or fear of change (11%). It is clear that many businesses are struggling with adapting to modern times due either to budget concerns or an unwillingness to make changes. But it's imperative now more than ever before to adapt and implement new tools! These numbers speak volumes - if you want your company to stay afloat. It is crazy to think that as we move into a post-pandemic world, businesses continue to underutilize technology. This is starting to be seen across all industries with businesses big and small.


Before COVID-19, small businesses were still able to be more relaxed on their implementation of technology - consumers did not expect much. Then COVID hit and brought attention to which companies were already leveraging technology and able to weather the storm, and which ones were not. Grocery stores have rolled out pickup and delivery services. Restaurants took advantage of DoorDash, GrubHub, and other delivery services. Brick and mortar storefronts rolled out ecommerce stores. Consumers are looking for these types of convenience services at the places that they bring business. Unfortunately, too many companies are still not implementing them.


If you're still not sure what type of modern tech solutions would help your business thrive - keep reading. The following tools are examples of offerings that can help your business take advantage of technology in order to grow and adapt to the digital world. These tools will help you streamline business processes and help you focus on what your business does best.


Throughout daily business operations, there are a plethora of ways for businesses to incorporate technology to give back our most valuable asset - time.


Accounting Software - Quickbooks

Quickbooks is the accounting software. It has been around for a long time and continues to grow in its offering. Specifically, Quickbooks Online is easy for anyone to setup, link bank accounts, and cards, and start recording transactions and running reports. There is a very helpful invite accountant feature - as such, go ahead and invite your accountant for easier bookkeeping and financial management!


Payroll & HR - Rippling

Rippling is a somewhat newer product but has quickly made a name for itself among other Payroll and HR products. Rippling has become a one-stop place for insurance and benefits, payroll, onboarding, offboarding, reporting, etc. You name it, they have it. Oh, and pretty much all of it is able to be automated!


Task Management -

There are a  slew of task management tools on the market today - Trello, JIRA, Asana, etc. Personally, I find that has approached the problem of task management a little differently than the others, and in a much more technical, modern way. This is the go-to task management service.

That being said, the other services mentioned also provide task management services including labeling various tasks, creating projects for tasks, multi-team member collaboration, and much more!


Communication - Slack, Microsoft Teams

How does your team communicate? Not at all ? Email? That's too slow. Businesses big and small have been moving to asynchronous forms of communication. Thanks to Slack and Microsoft Teams we are able to integrate all of our business apps into one place, right along our communication. If you are not using one of these yet, stop here, and go sign up. 


Email - Office 365, Google Workspace

Where is your email hosted? Does your business have an email? It is no longer good enough to give people an address for your business. You need a website and you need a branded email address. For about $5/ mth you can achieve this and look like a real business.


Website Design and Hosting -, Tech304 Hosting

See what we did there? Emails and websites go so hand and hand. We will say it again just so you get it. Your business needs a website and you need a branded email. It is not expensive to have these things like it once was. These are essentials today if you do not want to be left behind.


Ecommerce Platforms - Shopify, WooCommerce

Do you run a storefront? How were sales during COVID when you were forced to lock down? If you had been ahead of the curve and implemented an ecommerce store, you could have migrated all sales online without an issue. The good news is it is not too late! Using an all-inclusive platform like Shopify or adding it into an existing WordPress site with WooCommerce, you can make sure you are ready for today's commerce business.


Social Media Marketing - Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for managing your social media marketing. This is where lots of small businesses say "we don’t need social media marketing" - wrong! More and more business and activity is done on mobile devices and the majority of activity is performed on social media. If you are not leveraging social media marketing today, go test out Hootsuite, it's free to do, and you may find that it helps your business in ways you had never known possible!


CRM - HubSpot

Move over Salesforce! Hello HubSpot! Salesforce has gotten old, clunky, and confusing. HubSpot took advantage of this and came out with a CRM that you want to use and is easy to do so!


In the modern business landscape there are a ton of resources available to modernize your company's digital presence as well as implement modern technologies into daily business operations. The most important thing is that these solutions can be affordable! 

All of these tools have the ability to help a business run better, but many business managers already know about them. This is where younger, more tech savvy entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make a rise. 

There is a whole group of startups and small businesses born out of the result of the pandemic. They were born at a time when they were forced to adapt, adopt technologies, and deliver what their customers wanted. And they have been thriving.

Will you be next?

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