Specializes in Technology (Web and Mobile App Development)

Collin Meadows

Founding Member of Tech 304

Collin Meadows, Founding Member of Tech304, has devoted his career to designing and developing technical products for startups. After graduating from Marshall University with a BS Computer Science and a BS Applied Mathematics, Collin took a role at Dell SecureWorks, before transitioning to the startup world, holding roles like Technical Advisor, Vice President of Engineering, and Chief Technology Officer. Seeing an opportunity to grow the greater Huntington and West Virginia regions, he founded Tech304 in January 2020, with a hyper focus on stimulating the local economies and communities. Collin and his wife Amanda, plan to raise their family, consisting of two young daughters, right here in the Mountain State.

How can Collin help you?

"I have been focused on bringing advanced technical initiatives to West Virginia my entire career. As a startup junky, I am regularly considering new approaches and processes within products and services. I regularly attend events or see services in other areas, and think about the ways we can leverage their experiences and apply them here. I am looking forward to leveraging my skills and experiences within the technical startup space, to help stimulate and advance the expanding West Virginia economy by mentoring, advising, and guiding students, faculty, and community members."